Verifiable Summit 2024

We're excited to announce that we are organizing Verifiable Summit 2024 - a one-day conference dedicated to applied cryptography.

Join us in Warsaw on September 4, 2024, during Warsaw Blockchain Week.

zkWarsaw Meetups

Modern flavours of private exchanges

In this talk, Adam Gągol (CO-Founder @ Aleph Zero) will explore three modern edge designs of private decentralised exchanges grounded in cryptographic techniques. He will provide a comparison of their economic properties, highlighting the unique benefits each design offers. Additionally, Adam will address the known limitations and tradeoffs inherent in these systems.

18 June 2024

Adam Gągol

Zero Knowledge Applications on Mina Protocol

​Brandon Kase - CEO of o1Labs - the incubators of Mina Protocol will lead a focused discussion on the application of zero-knowledge proofs in the Mina Protocol. Mina Protocol is known for its lightweight blockchain, aiming to be the world's lightest blockchain by maintaining a consistent size regardless of network growth. This unique approach provides a more accessible and efficient network that ensures decentralization.

13 May 2024

Brandon Kase

TEEs, or On Accepting Compromises

ZK enables new applications, but comes at a prohibitive cost or latency for many other ones. This talk by Orest Tarasiuk explores the tradeoffs that can be made by increasing the security assumptions towards temporarily accepting TEEs (Trusted Execution Environments) in order to get to cheaper or lower-latency execution. It will focus on DeFi and highlight some new use cases that become feasible this way.

29 April 2024

Orest Tarasiuk

Verifying Computation through Polynomials

During our next meeting Bartosz Nowak will explore the fundamentals of STARK protocol, uncover how polynomial constraints ensure computational integrity. Latest optimisations in zkSTARKS provers and verifiers.

12 March 2024

Bartosz Nowak

PLONKish arithmetization

Leonid Logvinov will explore the internals of how ZK programs get compiled & proved starting with some theory. Then we will move on to example programs. The Noir & Barretenberg will be used as a tool to broader exploration of the concepts.

20 February 2024

Leonid Logvinov

Recent Techniques Used in zk-SNARKs: Explaining the GKR Method

Ariel Gabizon, one of the authors of the PLONK paper, will walk us through the recent advances in the field of (Zero-Knowledge) Succinct Non-interactive ARguments of Knowledge. He will focus on GKR which received significant interest recently and attempt to explain it to us.

9 January 2024

Ariel Gabizon

Schnorr Signature Validation with 3k Gas

Marek Kirejczyk will present the so-called "Vitalik trick" for optimised Schnorr signature validation. By using it, you can reduce the gas cost from 100k+ to just 3k.

12 December 2023

Marek Kirejczyk


8 November 2023

Carsten Munk (Cartesi)

Aztec Sandbox

10 October 2023

Adam Domurad (Aztec)

Formally verifying circuits

10 August 2023

Marcin Kostrzewa (Reilabs)

Implementing elliptic curves

6 June 2023

Marek Kirejczyk (zkMarek)

Kate-Zaverucha-Goldberg (KZG) polynomial commitment scheme

8 May 2023

Rafał (0xrafal)

Recap and insights from zkLisbon

13 Apr 2023

Orest Tarasiuk & Michał Zając

Scaling Ethereum with zkRollups

9 Mar 2023

Orest Tarasiuk (Scroll)

Intro to SNARKs, part II

31 Jan 2023

Michał Zając (Nethermind)

Intro to SNARKs, part I

2 Jan 2023

Michał Zając (Nethermind)


1 Dec 2022

Orest Tarasiuk (Scroll)